Latest Plugins

Generate metadata and manifest file for Qiime2 input.
Interactively visualize feature rankings (differentials or feature loadings, sorted numerically) alongside the log-ratios of selected features' abundances.
q2-phylogenize allows users to link microbial genes to environments using phylogenetic regression. Phylogenetic regression takes into account the fact that species that share ancestry will often share phenotypic traits, including colonizing similar environments. This confounder can otherwise lead to high rates of spurious associations. We hope researchers who are doing functional analysis of 16S data will find this tool particularly useful.
A software package for learning microbe-metabolite interactions.
(pronounced / Robust Aitchison PCA for sparse omics datasets, linking specific features to beta-diversity ordination through the use of compositional biplots.
A qiime2 plugin supporting methods for geographic mapping of qiime2 artifact data or metadata.